Throw Bricks at police and you’ll get KFC


Looks to be a UK newspaper.

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    I should try that… I could use some chicken.


    dont forget the boneless ribs

    beep beep

    If you read the article, he not only got KFC, but he also got Pepsi, a cigarette, and they let him take a nap on the roof. Plus, this was his 2nd roof-protesting offense. In America, we would have tasered him on the first offense.


    Beeb beep… I agree whole heartedly. Of course… he might have just gotten the Rodney King treatment after pulling a stunt like that… but yeah that shit wouldn’t fly here in the States.


    I reside in Texas. According to the last time I perused the local law books, I think the proper course of action would be to shoot on site repeatedly, reguardless of severity, and then replay the reel ‘accidentally’ during a children’s educational programming as a stern lesson to be learned.

    In Texas, the law is quite similar to Communism, only where everyone has guns. Like if everyone within the borderline were Yosimite Sam, only less coherant.