Grenade Throw Wallpaper


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    Looks like the standard issue M67 frag grenade. The thing that’s hanging off it is the handle popping off. Most people think it’s “pull pin = ACTIVATED!” but actually there’s a handle so the grenade can be made safe again by re-insertion of the pin. Once the handle pops off, then you need to run.


    You seem too well informed to be here. You hardly even touched your caps lock.


    Tis something I pride myself on.


    Wait until Howie comes along and ups your informed-edness with information AND some out-of-left field vulgarity.


    i sure cant wait for that, mr. feltersnatch is my hero.

    why must you seem so smart, but inconcievably ignorant?


    As for the “so smart” part, it’s something I was born with.

    As for the “inconcievably ignorant” comment, I live in Kansas, the unanimously agreed “backwater” state of America.

    beep beep

    I thought the unanimously “backwater” state was Mississippi.


    beep beep

    But “hi” from another person in Kansas!
    I actually think Kansas is pretty cool, but only because I live in the one relatively cool city in the whole freakin’ state.


    I could be terrible and make a Greensburg joke, but I’m going to refrain and guess Wichita?

    Kansas City isn’t in Kansas. It’s halfway between Kansas and Missouri, and thus does not count as a Kansas city.


    dude, wait…
    Kansas City Kansas city ?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It’s a lot funnier if you interpret the situation as the grenade is coming at him. You can practically hear him going “shit!”

    beep beep

    Nope. I am in Lawrence, actually. Jayhawks and aging hippies and what-have-you.

    There is a Kansas City, KS and a Kansas City, MO; which I have always thought of as two separate cities since KCKS is such a shiathole.


    Blackwater is based in Holland MI