Transformers International Movie Posters – Bumble Bee, Megatron, Optimus Prime

Look!  Megatron has TEETH! And bumble bee looks like a grunt from the halo franchise.


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    I guarantee this movie will suck. Michael Bay should just be shot already. Pretty much the first half of this movie is going to be about some retarded little computer geek trying to save his girlfriend and the Autobots won’t be able to defeat the Decepticons without his help. Watch. Sure the special effects and the explosions will be enough to be watchable, but the premise will suck balls.


    I read an early version of the script that was leaked to the internet around the time that filming started. After watching some clips on it, and some scenes given out by Hollywood to generate some hype about the movie, it looks like they followed it.

    The script sucked. It was as much of a cliché as you could possibly get. I’ll be waiting for it to hit the internet, and I won’t be wasting any money on it.

    beep beep

    Those Transformers look awful!


    you forget that the simple fact that this is a freaking 3d transformers movie is enough to pay to watch it.


    No Firetruck = Insta-fail.