Purple Dragon


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    And this is why I don’t swim in the ocean orlarge lakes.


    That dragon is pimp, yo.


    realistically, why would a dragon be purple? i know of no reptiles that are mostly purple, i would think green or brown, maybe, but never purple.

    also, that dragon pwns.


    I always wondered about the placement of eyes on them, mythical as they are, you tend to notice that predator eyes face forward, and prey eyes face sideways.

    Check the difference between a cow, and a mountain lion, both have two eyes, but the cows are on the side of it’s head to better detect danger.

    … so why is it almost always dragons are portrayed as attacking-like, but their eyes are on the side of their head..? Why for?


    they only attack when provoked though, so maybe if they had it their way they would act more like cows…all docile and stuff…but some knight’s always getting all up in their area, trying to make of with their treasures and slay them and everything….maybe?


    Well they ARE lizards or such, and most lizards from what I know have eyes on the sides, so did most dinosaurs.


    Okay, so…if I remember my D&D monster tome from 1986:
    red dragons spit fire
    blue dragons shoot lightning
    white dragons spray ice
    black dragons spew acid
    green dragons spout chlorine gas
    and purple dragons spurt grape juice rich in antioxidants?

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