Knight Rider and Kid


Who’s that kid?

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    That’s no kid, that’s Gary Coleman


    That would be Gary Coleman. He’s probably 20 something in this picture 😉


    That dude has never had sex and doesn’t plan on it. He must be hung like a mosquito.


    What you can’t tell (because the pic is black & white) is that is not K.I.T.T. Apparently K.A.R.R. sped up behind them as they posed for the pic and plowed right over them and the cameraman. It was all a ploy to boost the ratings of Webster while allowing Michael’s evil twin Garth to take over his identity and finally have that singing career and beach show that he always wanted. I still cry every time I see this pic. Oh, the humanity!


    Speaking of Gary Coleman, remember when he was on the Simpsons? I think it was the one with the Barbie Doll lady. He was a security guard (as he is in real life now)


    Yeah. that was the Christmas one with the Funzo doll. One of the best endings ever:

    “What you talkin’ ’bout everyone!”


    Fun trivia fact:

    Gary Coleman was born at his exact height, weight, and IQ as we know him today.




    Gary Coleman wasn’t as old in Diff’rent Strokes as everyone likes to assume. He was born in 1968, and DIff’rent Strokes started in 1978, making him ten years old when it began and sixteen when it finished up in 1984.

    I saw the episode with The Hoff (I loved Knight Rider when I was ten) – it was a Diff’rent Strokes special. Knight Rider ran from 1982 to 1986, making Gary Coleman anywhere between 14 and 16 in that picture.

    Isn’t it amazing how IMDb enables us to all be anal retentive bastards?


    What you talking about tiki god


    That wouldn’t be just some kid that would be Gary Coleman. He’s really quite short, even at an advanced age, and his catch phrase was “What you talking about.”

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