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So I just caught the season finale, and I was underwhelmed.   I think in part because nothing really happened. Seriously when it was over, I looked at the clock, and I thought “hmm, what happened in the last hour.” and my answer?  not a whole lot.  I dunno if I’m going to pick the series up again next year.  I’ll just start praying for a Global Frequency series to be picked up.

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    It was okay. I wanted something more.. Heroic I guess? Haha


    I can’t believe about all the people dieing, made me a bit sad but I enjoyed the episode.


    you cant be serious, that was fucking epic.

    tiki god

    “all those people dieing”? Who died? Hiro? Peter?, Claire bear? Even Syler got a pass, he’s still around. The only person that might have gotten killed / injured was nathan, and even then, I doubt very much that he’d dead for good.

    It just sucked that they built up the ENTIRE SEASON to do pretty much nothing. I guess I should be happy that Hiro finally made it to New York though, it only took him, what, about 20 episodes? That’s not very good for a teleporter you know 😉


    What I didn’t like was all the poeple who got horribly injured for no reason.

    D.L. could have just grabbed Jessica and fazed through the bullets. And why did Nathan have to fly Peter up into the sky, Peter can fly himself.
    And even if peter couldn’t fly cuz he was trying to not explode he could have flown him up and then flown away really fast, he flies at like mach 1.


    Well the dyslectic cop died i guess. Ok there was an IV on him, but do the ambulance people usually put em in the truck all leisurely like with a blanket over the bullet wounds if they are dying? Peter has to be dead i think. Regenerate from atoms? dont think they wanna pull it as far as that. I mean, he cant regenerate if his brain is not functioning, atleast some parts of it, and im pretty certain a nuke shud take out your lil ol squishy. Nathan shud be dead. no reason to keep him alive. what an… Read more »


    i guess you have to think some stuff out for yourself – none of these guys had perfect control of their powers, ever, so you have to assume peter couldnt fly himself, hiro couldnt control his portalITY enuf to port back beside peter and port him to some other useless place like say DC or somewhere and then pop off somewhere safe. duh kinda.

    one general thing : they made the characters too powerful! i hope they bring in some of the blizz devs for the next season so we get some “balance”.


    Good thing I wasn’t interested in the show, or I’d be pissed in knowing it all rather than.. you know… downloading it all, and watching it in one sitting like Dexter or anything.

    Although Dexter was a badass show.


    Haha I watched dexter over the course of two days after I downloaded it too.

    And if they bring in blizz devs to “balance” things, you wont see season two for like 5 years.


    I honestly thought they were actually going to let Peter explode in the city, and spent most of the episode waiting for him to remember he can fly. Also, surely with all his powers, he can stop sylar chokeing him somehow? You’d expect him to be a little creative with his telekenisis when it came to killing people, ripping them limb from limb? How about crushing all their bones into a powder, or squeezing their head to the size of a pea?


    so who did they save the cheeleader or the world?