Handicapped Lambo


You’d think someone with a car like this would care more about where they’re parking.

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    Alec Dalek

    Also, they’re parked over the line.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I expect there’s a permit sticker in the front.

    I’ve seen plenty of Porches and Mercedes with handicapped stickers. Old people have all the cash.


    This picture absolutely screams “Prick!”


    Maybe he got in a car accident and sues for loads of cash. Got himself a nice new car with his settlement money.


    Don’t you know that when you get loads of cash to be able to afford a car like that, the rules don’t apply to you?


    I park in the handicap all the time, nobody ever uses it except like two people.


    Beause people like you park there, ha. I think he parked over the line to stay out of car-doors distance. I would too if i had a car that nice. Heck i do it now(not in handicap spots) and don’t drive something like that…


    I just saw a mustang, same year as mine, with a handicap plate.


    If you can afford the car, the fine for parking in a disabled space is insignificant.


    Why? what has the lambo got to do with anything. I drive a Ferrari.. and I also have a Jeep.. I suffer from Ankalosing Sponadlitits… 2 days a fortnight I can barely walk.. takes me very long time to just move to bathroom…I had big company and lost everything due to my illness and had to re adjust my entire life. after creating a new life where I work from home. anyways.. I would be entitiled to a handicap sticker in 2 seconds if I wanted one.. anyways.. i go to the shop every day… and sometimes just to run… Read more »