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There’s nothing good on TV anymore, anyone have any suggestions?  I’m already watching:

Battlestar Galactica


House, M.D.




what else am I missing out on?

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    I honestly stopped watching TV about 5 years ago man, from what I understand, I’m not missing anything. I turn on the history channel here and there, still a big movie fan though. If you really want hours of entertainment, head over to a bookstore and pick up any of the following:

    Neuromancer by William Gibson

    There are two more books with this in what is called the “Sprawl trilogy.”

    Dune by Frank Herbret

    I’d say read the first 4 in the series, after that it gets… too epic.

    Enders game By Orson Scott Card

    If Herbret is the father of Sci-Fi, and Gibson the father of Cyberpunk, then I’d say O.S. Card is their love child.

    Then of course there are all the Warhammer fantasy and 40k paperbacks… most are $7 a pop and better than any movie that has come out in the last few weekends. *cough–**spidy**–cough*


    Must watch Doctor Who. I have like 25 seasons of it on my computer. The new season has been so-so, but The Master returns in the next episode so I think that will pick things up.


    The Office

    tiki god

    I’ve tried both Dr. Who and The Office, and didn’t like either of them. Dr. Who, because the entire series is one giant Deus Ex Machina (‘oh hey, look at my adjustable magic wrench, it just saved us from everything!’).

    And I don’t like The Office because I’m not a fan of ‘incompetent humor’ that they use on the show. (oh look at him, he’s a retard. lolcoptor?)


    Good luck with Jericho… it just got cancelled.

    I used to read Orson Scott Card until I got “Folk on the Fringe”. It turns out Card is a super-Mormon; the whole book was about a post-apocalyptic society where everybody goes to Utah and the only civilization that survives are the Mormon people. Basically taking Book of Mormon prophecies and turning them into cheap sci-fi.

    If you want to read some kick-ass books, check out Stephen Eriksen’s series “Malazan Books of the Fallen”.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca



    Ultimate Fighter

    I’d say stop watching Heroes since it’s the most irritating and badly written show on TV.


    I watch everything on your list except Stargate. I don’t actually watch tv at all though. It’s all torrents…

    I recommend The Shield, Trailer Park Boys, The Tudors, The Sopranos, Boston Legal, The Unit, P&T Bullsh!t, Shark, Prison Break

    And if you go back in time (buying dvd’s or downloading) you can watch the finest shows ever made. Six Feet Under, Carnivale and Rome… Twin Peaks(1990-92) rocks too especially if you like David Lynch.

    I think I’ve seen Firefly related posts here on MCS as well… There are two types of people in my world… those who love and cherish Firefly and the severely mentally retarded.

    In the ‘make me smarter’ category, I recommend any BBC, Discovery, or History channel documentary. I just finished the two BBC six-part series on Rome and Egypt respectively. Great stuff.

    Just grab µTorrent (utorrent), go to eztv@efnet or mininova and look around. Download early eps of anything. Specifically, don’t listen to anyone’s bad opinions about a show. Watch a few eps yourself before you decide.

    In the shitty side of life I heard that Jericho didn’t get renewed.

    Oh, and reality TV sucks.


    -Dexter (Showtime)
    -Farscape (Scifi)
    -Lexx (Scifi)
    -Final Fantasy Unlimited (Torrent)
    -Futurama (Comedy Central)

    Or you can always try to browse around online: www.youtvpc.com/


    Trailer Park Boys, Rome, and the L Word if you want some excellent lesbian soap opera time.


    Theres a running season of 4400 – im starting on that nowish


    HBO is going to be making a Rome/Deadwood style series based on George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice & Fire series. Each novel will be a season of the show, with 7 seasons possible. They’ve just started green-lighting pre-production, so it’ll be hitting the tube in a few years.


    Well, I didn’t have a TV for a long time (old one broke, no money), and by the time I got a new one torrents were around. Honestly, I can’t fucking stand commercials after briefly having lived in a country with one commercial brake per show, so there’s no way I’m going back to regular TV. Aside from no commercials, you chose what you want, and there’s no schedule but your own. Really, TV in North America is total fucking bullshit. Right now I’m watching “Fools and Horses” all the way through. Next I might go for TNG or Red Dwarf, because I missed a bunch of episodes of both and it’s been a while.

    Aside from TV, you can also go for movies, which there are literally millions of, and are generally higher quality than TV. Go to movielens or something.


    Oh, yeah, the one dude mentioned Trailer Park Boys. Watch that, it’s the fucking best show of the decade.

    this girl

    This has been covered pretty well, but I just wanted to say Dexter is cool. And how about Preacher is supposed to be made into a show on HBO? If you haven’t watched Deadwood, Carnivale, or Rome, they are all worth going back and watching from the beginning. My name is Earl for some comic relief. Arrested Development was awesome & never should have been cancelled so get that and watch it if you didn’t.

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