Highrider Sport Super Lift


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    t. durden

    Go Go Gadget car!!!


    perfect for when you’re stuck in traffic and dont know what the hold up is.


    I…. think I’ma gonna call BS.

    80% chance of photoshop, with a high probability of afternoon lols.


    80% chance?

    Look at the reflection in the body paint of the car.

    Try 100%.

    Don’t get me wrong tho, I still like it. 4 stars.


    Yea, I looked over it a bit more before I actually came to a final conclusion. I considered the possibility that the reflection could potentially happen.

    Main piece of evidence?

    the shadow map is off, the side mirror shouldn’t be directly down, and you can see the jaggies over the windshield where the image was cutout. Other than that, the transmission, it’d be impossible for it to change gears.

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