High Resolution Lost Wallpaper


So I hear that they’re offically canceling Lost…



In 2010.

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    I can’t wait until tonight’s episode… last week was AWESOME.

    Supposedly, 5 characters are going to die in the season finale.


    “Oh noes, those 5 characters who lived on the beach with us all these months without names just died! Damn those Others/Smoke Monster/Booby Traps/Random Death Method!!!”


    Just last week ABC agreed to give the creators 3 more seasons to wrap it up…thats the nicest show cancellation deal I have ever heard of.


    well when its a good show and all, i still couldnt give a flyin fuck about it

    The Lawnmower

    Come on people. Lost really is a pile of crap.

    Making up random shit as you go along and stuffing it full of cliff hangers that go no where IS BAD WRITING.


    JR woke up and the last few years were a dream and then Mustang unexpectedly saves Edward, and Goku charges his lazer and gay guy sells his friend out and wins and then they use Locutus to make the borg sleep.

    I totally need another story arc that goes nowhere show in my life. I feel that my life has been put to too good use already and I need to waste some more of it.

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