Iron Man Movie High Resolution Shots

So what thinks you MCS?  Will it suck?

And if it does, will it suck on the level of Spider-Man 3 (which is just a bit let down) or Catwoman (which is nigh unwatchable)


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    Saw this on digg last week along with a few other stories about how these were leaked and cease and desist orders were being served up Ala-cart from Paramount pictures.

    Don’t be surprised if you find one in your mailbox tiki.


    The arms on the suit are too small BTW.


    I liked Spider-Man 3… the main thing that the movie needed was more time to flesh out the villain’s characters. The part I disliked the most was Harry Osborn’s butler acting as the final act deus-ex-machina.

    Iron Man will be a good movie… too bad it is prematurely marred by the death of Cap.

    The Lawnmower

    Yeah, that was great.

    ‘You know how you’ve being trying to kill your best friend all this time because he killed your father? Well he didn’t, actually. Probably should have mentioned that earlier, huh?’

    tiki god

    No C&D heading my way, these were official releases afaik


    I never saw spiderman 1, so I probably wasn’t as let down as the rest of you.

    I have a feeling it’ll suck, because it won’t have the same feel as I remember Iron man the cartoon. Him, and whatever his side kick guy was named, “Man-o-War” was it..?



    Man-O-War was Valiant Comics. The guys that did Turok and Bloodshot.

    You were thinking of War Machine, the advanced suit Tony Stark built for his friend.


    Ahh, yes, War Machine. Hey, I was close for a tv show I haven’t seen in over 10 years. :3

    Ahh, they just don’t build cartoons like they used to, with their “friendship” this, and their “eat your vegetables” that.


    …. and now that I get a better look at him, now I know what it reminds me of.



    You’ve gotta say one thing at least… Robert Downey Jr. is the PERFECT Tony Stark. Who better to play an embattled, rich alcholic than an embattled, rich alcoholic?


    Directed by a minor actor who’s only directed one kids movie before? Probably will suck. Besides, there’s already a great movie called Iron Man. Lightning doesn’t strike twice.


    Actually, Caio, it was called The Iron Giant – the book was called The Iron Man.

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