Do You Know What An Older Man Can Give You?


He can give you AIDS.

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    I’d feel bad for the girl that he gave ‘death’ to via sex, either she would of been really really small, or he’d of been excessively large.


    t. durden

    But don’t forget the upside girls, a older man has a car and most likely money for pretty little things for you… so don’t worry about the broken families and death, that would happen with any guy you get with.


    ** sung to “Mr. Sandman” by the Chordettes **

    Mr. Sexman bring me a dream
    Make Him the cutest that I’ve ever seen
    Give Him some warts and some gonorrhea
    Tell Him that I’m his Girl to be-a
    Mr. Sexman bring me some bliss
    Send me some warts with His genitel kiss
    I need the herpes if you please
    Mr. Sexman bring me a dream

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