Airplane On A Treadmill – Will It Take Off?


It seems like we’ve been over this once before, but somehow I just don’t understand how hard it is to grasp.

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    It Fliez….11!1!!eleven1


    Not this again…


    How many posts were on the last one? Tiki’s probably just pushing to see how many he can get this time.


    MaiNiaC_MicHaeL: It is over on the left side nav bar… Will It Take Off? – 90 comments

    Might be hard to beat that number.

    Frank McColbert

    Plane swims through atlantic, treadmill makes flour.


    It would take off if you sharpen the wings.


    Take me now god. I condemn this picture to die because there is already a long thing! Oh wait, go ahead. Flame. It will bring me humor.


    no shit it wont fly, it has to be in the air to do that sillys, it might burn some calories on the treadmill


    I wasn’t being serious Aristoi, It was a rhetorical Question, lol. Oh well, thanks for reminding me anyways.

    binary visions

    The question is, while experimenting to see if it would fly, did the experimenter observe today’s “gas-out” and purchase all of his needed fuel yesterday?

    ’cause that would be about the epitome of stupidity and delusion.


    How can a treadmil fly?

    binary visions

    It’s tethered to the plane, duh.

    The Lawnmower

    If the plane does not move through the air, it will not take off.

    However, what a lot of people fail to realise is that the treadmill spinning backwards will not stop the plane from moving forwards. A plane is not like a car.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    From the look of the shadows it’s already taking off.

    Apparently the answer is yes.


    See it will take off though. The model plane on the treadmill has no power therefore once the treadmill is turned on it will fling the plane backwards for a short distance where maybe just maybe it will hit the wall and shatter into a million pieces.


    works like this; planes tries to move forward, ground moves backward. ground stops moving backward, plane rockets forward. it would word cept the wings would shear off from the sudden pressure due to the wind resistance. IMHO. I’m sure this has been discussed by minds far supperior to our somewhere with intelligence as the main reasoning behind the thread as a whole.


    only with clearance from atc. “ATC To Flight 8220: You’re not on the runway, you’re on a treadmill”