28 Weeks Later Movie Poster


I loved the first movie.

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    this one was worse compared the first one… (SPOILER) the very end was the worst though, how the hell could that have happened? what, did the kid spit on the pilot??


    I agree, first one was better. Anyone going to watch the 3rd one?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    This movie KILLED 28 Days Later.

    More so than Aliens killed Alien.

    This is the best movie out this year.

    tiki god

    Just got home from seeing this, and I did like it. Some seriously cheese moments, including the helicoptor/lawn mower, and the whole family connections thing, but over all I enjoyed it. Ten bucks well spent.


    Not as good as the first by a mile, needlessly bloody, gaping plot holes, silly military depiction, but for all that still enjoyable.


    I thought the lawnmower scene was excellent. It brought me back to Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive”.

    Jesus Christ

    I could not stop from wincing and hiding under Zephran’s coat at the eye-thumb scene but I got a goooooood laugh at the lawn mower scene.

    On a different note, would it have hurt to wax the model-in-this-picture’s eyebrows a little more? xC


    Both movies were very good.. can’t really be compared with one another… one is a bunch of people trying to survive getting help from a few sex hungry army men and the other is how the military “handles it” and tries to protect the cure barer.