My First Cigarettes


my first cigarettes were the candy ones.  Fuck I was cool back then.  Once I hit 18, I was buyin my own REAL smokes, and then I was smokin up a fucking storm.

Then one day I had to walk home from work, and I seriously almost died, so it was on that very day that I made a solemn vow to protect the innocent drop the habit.

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    are they with fruity flavors like strawberry splash, and apple apalooza, and bananna bananza


    I just recently moved into a house about two blocks from a non-smoking town in the mountains. I love to sit on my patio and smoke and think that I’m the major source of pollution in the area.


    All things in moderation. People shouldn’t have this overwhelming stigma about tobacco. Smoking too much is just as bad as drinking too much. A cigar here and there or few cigarettes while your out shouldn’t be so frowned upon.

    Line of blow here and there isn’t all that bad either.

    But don’t ever go steady with the white lady. She’ll only bring you down.


    As they say in Family Guy: “Tastes like Happy!”


    Yes it does…I wonder if crayon wax catches fire too… maybe i’l test it later.

    Oh and Tiki, how did you almost die?

    tiki god

    I almost died by having smoker’s lung, and having to walk long distances.


    Coolness. How long before that were you smoking?