Creating Floppy Disks

About to download The Internet and create your install disks.  Do you have 2874926304652 formated floppy disks ready?
Does anyone even use floppies anymore?  My last 2 computers haven’t even had a floppy drive on them.

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    Deary me, yes. It’s actually a hindrance to not have them for me. You never need a floppy drive, until you need to boot from dos.


    You poor bastard Kaze. What outdated software/network infrastructure are you serving purgatory on? I mean you can get to command prompt through an XP disk, but if you need DOS, true DOS… thats deplorable.


    any case. I just dig the old school sierra games, and text rpg’s, and what have you. Many a fun time was had in ‘the day’.


    The best partition manager I have ever found is a DOS-based program on a bootable floppy. Granted it can’t format to the more advanced file structures like NTFS, but partitioning the disk that your C:drive is on could never be easier than through this self-contained little program.

    The Ranish Partition Manager