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    Actually you got this backwards. Capitalism is FREE trade. Socialism and Communism are systems where people are forced into things.

    Though I suppose this could be fascism as well.


    So my posts don’t make the cut because I disagree with you and defend capitalism?

    Communists are the ones who force people to comply, with violence if necessary.

    In a Capitalist society if no one buys your product you go out of business. If no one will sell you a product then you have to do without or make it yourself.


    This is a popular graffiti stencil. I actually printed this one off and cut it a while back, very nice. As for the message behind the stencil itself…the character on the right does not represent the government forcing the character on the left to make economic choices, but the character on the right is the unethical CEO/big business owner, and the character on the left is the consumer/small business owner.


    It would make sense if it said communism, government, or almost anything other than capitalism.