Ford F-150 SuperCrew


So what you driving these days?

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    a toyota trueno…. its a little 2 door sports car. Bigger than a Cynos though

    I don’t believe most countries have them except us and Japan.


    dude, a trueno is my dream car .. you play/watch initial d?


    2004 Silverado Ext Cab.


    Trueno is just a Corrolla. Nice cars, at least the old AE86’s that’re rwd, as in Initial D (good anime, live action movie is actually pretty good too).

    I myself drive a 90 CRX Si, swapped on a d16z6 vtec head. Nice and stock looking on the outside, for that sleeper goodness.


    What year and submodel of trueno are you running? And what kinda mpg are you making? I found a red ae86 i’m thinking about buying. My crx makes 40+ as long as i drive good.


    iv seen it, MoZ, good times heh. mines an AE111 though so a FWD. about to do a silvertop conversion (mines an XZ – 4afe motor) with some TRD goodness 😉


    Z-master: google search tells me it’s a CRX type car…

    I drive a 1988 mustang GT convertible, v8, high output, dual exhaust – pics on my myspace

    or here

    I’m currently sanding and priming it.