Big Bang Theory


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    Explosion=universe which is turn =life. So, terrorists make more universes and more life. All of this time I was in ignorance 🙁


    You godless heathen. Don’t you know that the peanut butter experiment CLEARLY demonstrates that the Almighty is the source of all life?


    There is a theory also based off of the inverse of the big bang, known as the “big crunch” of which the theory plays out so that the universe deccelerates at a constant level, and slows to a crawl, at which point the totality of the gravity of the universe reaches it’s peak, before the universe begins to collapse under the weight of it’s own gravity. Which is significant because it is theorized that the universe would continue to crunch, as black holes over took all matter, until black holes overlapped black holes, compressing matter several times over itself, until… Read more »


    Kaze: How does that theory work with the observation that the acceleration of the universe is increasing, perhaps showing dark matter asserting more force due to the spreading of the universe’s mass (or something like that, I’m not an cosmologist)?


    I hadn’t seen anything that specifically stated that the universe was accelerating, I’m remembering what I read at a library visit some years back when I was thumbing through “A brief history of the Universe” or whatever Hawking’s book that was. In it, he showed that there were three posssible outcomes for the universe, either it would expand infinitely, it would expand to it’s limit, and slow to a crawl, or it would expand to finality, until the gravity of all mass caused everything to contract. *looks up wikipedia* Ahh, well then, they disproved it for now, how about’s that.… Read more »


    how did they fit the universe into such a small picture??


    Look! THe fundamental forces are turned into one super force? How can that be! This theory is wrong praise our lord and savior! I mean the universe is intelligently designed.


    You sir, are narrow minded.
    Go listen to god, and stab some children (Isaiah 13:15-18),
    Beat some Rape victims (Deuteronomy 22:23-24),
    and for an encore, back talk your father, so he has to live up to his Christian duty, and murder you (Leviticus 20:9)

    Then get back to me, k?


    Everybody should watch this.

    It’s about the 11th dimension and may explain how this universe was created. Even before the Big Bang.

    And tiki god should post this video.


    Kaze: I was bored and thinking “what should I do now?” then you gave those interesting recommendations. Ooh ooh now I have something to do. I reviewed them but noticed if I stab children I have to be Median. If I rape someone I will get stoned to death. (anyone ever tried getting stoned to death?) But I can talk back to my father, because we are not Jewish, so, He is not supposed to kill me. (Mosaic law was written for the Jews.) But talking is hardly any fun. So, sufficed to say you got me all exited for… Read more »


    For an even more interesting read, consider what was there before the theorized “Big Bang” could of taken place..?


    If you want a really interesting read about this kind of stuff read some of the books by Brain Greene. I think the title of his first one was “The Elegant Universe.”

    Even though he’s very technical, he has a knack for explaining stuff and giving visualizations that most people would be able to grasp. I just recently bought another book by him, but I haven’t had a chance to crack it open yet.


    Thinking about the universe makes me feel small. I just want to know whats out there, ya know?