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Anyone going to go see this?  I’ve never been able to handle their brand of humor.  Sean of the Dead was DOA for me :'(

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    British humour tbh ^_^

    beep beep

    I saw it last weekend…fantastic! I did not think Shaun of the Dead was that funny either, but I thought Hot Fuzz was hilarious. It seemed to be a little less in-side-jokes-with-the-British and more across-the-pond appeal. However, I found their accents hard to understand sometimes.


    I thought it was great too, all those American movie cameos

    The violence was pretty extreme too, to me it seemed like on of their multi-genre movies. Kinda slasher/cop/gunfight/mystery movie


    Hot Fuzz is brilliant. I haven’t laughed so much or so long at a movie in years. I rarely stopped laughing, except during the somewhat slow middle patch (weakest point of the movie). Once the finale kicked into gear, though, I was pissing myself once again.

    Funniest movie in years. Very highly recommended.


    This is easily the best British comedy film in recent years. Although it’s a lot different to the slightly more surreal and subtle style of humour that Simon Pegg usually writes (for example in the TV show Spaced), he’s managed to nail this film perfectly.

    Honestly, I haven’t laughed so much at a film for as long as I can remember. Don’t let Shaun of the Dead put you off.


    you must see this movie


    Sean of the Dead was great…
    I guess you had to be there for the originals to enjoy the spoof. This looks good as well.

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