Wrath – Domestic Abuse

[7 Deadly Sins]wrath-domestic-abuse.jpg

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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    he’s for sure gonna spill that bud.

    what a stupid.

    and her with her poor laundry.

    i’m thinking the ad jeenyos who put this together likes his obvious stereotypes big time. where’s his anti drug ad with the black guy smoking crack?


    I’d hit it.




    You wait until after she finishes the house work to beat her. Not while she’s being useful.
    Don’t guys in muscle shirts know anything?

    Luke Magnifico

    Plus, she’s not wearing any pants. Now is not the time for Warath, now is the time for Lust!


    Haha wife beaters wear wifebeaters and drink bud light.

    So true.

    Mike Rackhabet

    bitch better get my money.


    He is a pussy
    If you have to hit a woman you are a pussy

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