CP Drama


Someone posts CP and everyone has to go ape shit and act like rich white people watchign a black man pick his nose.  hold your goddamn monocle up to your eye, say “My word! never in my days have I been witness to such a horific event!” and then faint into a pil eof caviar.

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    CP is by far the worst thing to come out of the internet, I don’t see how anyone could claim that defending it is overreacting.


    I’m assuming CP = child pr0n…?

    If so, posting it on a forum as a “joke” is a bit low.


    so cp is child porn? not really sure how this is funny. The creator of this image is upset that when he or other people post child porn… others get upset… what a freak…. Tiki what is this doing here man?

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Oh. I just assumed “CP” meant “colored people,” as in “CP time” (chronic lateness). Ooops. My bad.



    It also applies…

    The Lawnmower

    Well first of all, child pornography was around before the internet, so you can hardly say it’s ‘the worst thing to come out of the internet’. Secondly… Have any of you ever seen *actual* child pornography on the internet? I’m not talking about teenage camsluts taking pictures of themselves, I mean actual child pornography. To quote some comedian whose name I can’t remember, ‘”I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit on the internet, but I’ve never seen someone fucking a child”. Yes, people use the Internet to share child pornography, but it’s not like it’s out in the open.… Read more »