Spider-Man 3

With all the commotion of FCBD, I kinda forgot about Spider-Man 3, which I’m on my way out the door to go see right now. Has anyone else seen it yet? I’ve heard one review, and it wasn’t exactly glowing

Feel free to use spoilers in the comments.



[EDIT: It sucked. see comments for my reasons why, which are full of spoilers]

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    I won’t leve any spoilers, but I will say they definitely tried to cram WAY too much into this movie. Having Spiderman fighting the new Green Goblin, Sandman AND Venom was overkill IMO. And Venom was a cool character who gets looked over considering that Venom isn’t even introduced until the last 30-40 minutes of the movie. Kind of a letdown for me.


    There was like 20 minutes of Venom and then he dies. I swear to God Harry died 3 fucking times for Christ’s sake. Aside from that shit I liked it better than the first two (thats not saying a lot, though).


    O_O needz moar Venom!


    i was going to see it but i could not but spiderman is my favroite superhero

    tiki god

    Hey I know! let’s add a friggin dance routine in the middle of the movie. OH! And let’s introduce the best spidey villian EVER in the last 20 minutes of the film. Oh yeah, and let’s get peter an Emo haircut! And changing the backstory of the entire movie franchise by adding another guy that supposedly killed Uncle Ben? WTF? I was ok with them changing it from a home invasion/robbery to a car jacking, and then having Spider murder the bastard. But seriously, once you writes the rules / story of a universe, you should stick with em. Overall,… Read more »


    Not enough Venom or Gwen Stacy. Too much dancing and crying.

    Add a little mustache to Emo Peter, and you basically have Hitler’s twin.

    I was so disappointed, I nearly cried leaving the theater.


    After discussing things with a comic book nerd friend of mine, I understand why I really didn’t enjoy what little time Venom had on screen. I met Venom after his symbiote had split and the fuck-ass crazy part went on to merge with that whacko Cletus Kasady, leaving a relatively sane part left with Eddie Brock to act as Spider-man’s much better characterized nemesis. I thought that while Topher played Eddie well, the Venom character was a little one-dimensional, what with “must… kill… the Spider!” being his major impetus for doing anything. Aside from that, I whole-heartedly agree they had… Read more »


    Kirsten Dunst is hot in it though, right?


    Two words: American Flag.


    don’t worry everyone their making an iron man movie.