Warhammer 40k – Chaos Marine


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    Do you suppose Chaos Marines ever get lonely from time to time?


    No. Chaos Space Marines can best be described as humans that have descended into the most depraved, insane, sadistic killers ever to be described in science fiction.

    tiki god

    Guess that means they don’t like to cuddle?


    If you catch the ones that worship Slaanesh early on their path to damnation… maybe.


    Do they hang out on /b/?


    Negative. Their idea of a good time is flaying open a victim to expose raw nerve tissue, then using cybernetic surgical manipulators, your basic bladed weapon or just pure demonic power they wreck unimaginable pain upon you whilst keeping you alive and conscious. They play you like an instrument as your screams sing the chorus of the end times and all the while the laughter of the Dark Gods rip away at your soul.

    tiki god

    Damn Neuromancer that was fucking poetic. I like.


    I dunno, that sure sounds like /b/…


    Notion dismissed. /b/ users are either overweight, extremely scrawny and in either case unsuccessful in martial prowess. A Chaos Marine is a demoniacally possessed, genetically engineered super-solider forged in the furnace of a thousand conflicts on hell worlds who’s very atmosphere is death to a mere human. They can spit acid, crush mans s skull with their bare hands and pick of an entire squad of troops from afar before the bastards have a chance to drawn their weapons. In victory they write their names on the blasted wrecks of tanks in the enemies blood so that all might bare… Read more »


    1. What /b/ has become does not compare with Chaos Space Marines.

    2. There are a FEW /b/tards left that would fit in rather nicely with them however.

    3. Space Marines > Chaos Space Marins

    4. ????????

    5. Profit.


    All Chaos Marines aren’t Demonically possessed… well some are, but they’re specifically called “Possessed Chaos Space Marines” (terrible models by the way)

    But dont get me wrong, your descriptions are excellent, much love.