Stealth Bomber


Why is it that these things make me funny ‘down there’?

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    And you just know that the Wright brothers would have laughed and said: “That thing will never get off the ground!”

    It blows my mind to think of the kinds of advances engineers have made in the last 100 years and that plane is a great example of many of those advances. Plus it just looks like something Batman would fly. I guess I’m trying to say that they make me feel the same way. 😀


    I’m still amazed that it was never made to be more phallic looking.


    It is the design that it is, because it minimizes wind resistance, and was originally designed several years before the military made it by students at MIT.


    That is true but a ragging hard-on can move pretty fast. (or was it the hand around it?) That’s it! It was modeled after a hand!


    Thompson Twins – Bombers in the Sky.

    Plays in my brain, everytime I see a B2 bomber. Either that, or the CRX Commercial. Either way, I feel old because both the song and the commercial came out years before I was born. Either way, Thompson Twins hair rocked.