Looks like Alaska and Hawaii made it through?

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    I like it but there is a typo in the date range. It should say “2000” and not “2007”. I think things officially ended when we appointed a president rather than electing him.


    If you don’t like it, you can get out.


    “If you don’t like it, you can get out”

    Easier said than done…don’t worry though, there does seem to be a number of extra Americans seeking residency in Australia here. Good thing you have all those illegal immigrants to take the place of those leaving. It’s all good though, Australia could use the talent fleeing America.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I am always amazed at the number of asshat Americans who think they have any sort of grasp of global politics and feel they’re making an informed judgment based on what their own news groups, who are all proven liars who can be bought, tell them every night at 11.

    Like it makes any fucking difference who you idiots vote for. Google Leo Strauss and do some fucking reading. In the mean time just shut the fuck up and quit embarrassing yourselves.


    How about “if you don’t like it, vote his party out of control of Congress?” That sounds familiar….


    I agree with mAgnUS on a few points and it’s why I don’t watch or read hardly any news from this country. If I did I would have no grasp on global politics or even what goes on in my own government for that matter. The media here aren’t so much liars themselves but employees of the same corporations that support the students of Strauss that run this once great nation. Basically, they’ve been brainwashed and actually believe what they report. It’s also unfortunate to see that it often doesn’t matter for whom we vote because even when we vote… Read more »


    No one noticed the ‘Slash Artard’ bit huh?

    If you ignore the sarcasm, the terrorists win.


    Sorry. I can be a little quick to anger sometimes and overlook important details because of it (now that’s American!) 😛


    Im Glad Im In Alaska, LoL


    The US still has plenty of vitality left in her. It’s an open society, but the real issue is that the problems we need to solve (from global warming to Monsanto patenting lifeforms to gun control to new drugs(illegal and prescribed)) is that all these things are new problems; they’ve never been encountered before, and no one in a position of power is ever anything but conservative (and protective of their power), that’s just the human condition. I think the US consciousness really needs the ‘only thing to fear is fear itself’ message at the moment. The US is a… Read more »


    piss… i like to read all the comments in a thread before i post so i know what the F is going on. that said, i didnt make it past post 2 where Ando says “If you don’t like it, you can get out.” i think this is the all time most retarded fucking statement people make about other people’s opinions about the USA. The second clause of the very First Amendment to the Constitution is the right to bitch about what you do not like about the USA. the last 2 clauses deal with the right to assemble and… Read more »


    if you did what you normally did then you would have read post 7. assert your smartness elsewhere.


    , Don’t you mean: If there wasn’t a sparsely-inhabited continent of technologically-backwards natives to exploit, steal from, kill and then eventually apologise to and relegate to ghettoes…. THEN you’d still be taking it up the ass from the Brits.


    mgear, that has happened on every piece of land mankind has ever stepped upon.

    and asdf, please excuse me while i go insert my smartness in yo momma.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    When did America take anything up the shoot from England? You guys learn a very different history than I did in Canada. Who also are no longer part of the British Empire though in our case nobody died to make that happen. Also: not every indigenous peoples were enslaved. You just hear that from all the ones that bitch and hold out their hands for money because in the proximity of time they feel they’re still affected by that kind of shit. Which is pure balls and ass. I have no white means guilt. I’m not sorry for what other… Read more »


    personally i dont like it
    so what


    Hawaii feels like a different country anyhow. I mean we took it at gunpoint. Luckily in many parts of the islands, the locals still rule and they let you know. Fuck Bush.