Disarming Women


State of Virginia trust her with carrying firearms for self-defense

US Army trust her with an M16

Why does Virginia Tech insist on disarming her?

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    This same reasoning could’ve been used after 9-11. If everybody on each of the planes would’ve been allowed to carry a gun on board, then anybody could’ve stopped the hijackers before they did anything.

    Those pesky metal detectors and rules are the reasons why that tragedy happened!


    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, LOL i love that. People are dumb, U give them, a gun they think that they have power.


    omigawd, you’re right! it was gun control laws that did 9-11, not government conspiracies!


    It is the Commonwealth of Virginia. Guns will never be allowed to be carried freely at places of public education.


    Schools don’t need guns. Schools need MONEY for decent supplies and qualified teachers.


    I agree with disarming all people on school or university property just makes sense


    Because Virginia Tech is a private landowner and it is a crucial principle of land law which the US inherited from us her in England that you are entitled to do what you want on your land provided it doesn’t cause a nuisance. That would include requiring other people not to bring their handguns and other weapons else onto that land.