Iron Man Vs Captain America Wallpaper


Am I the only one that wonders what the fuck Marvel was thinking when they pitted these two against each other?  I mean, seriously, yeah, Captain America is a fucking awesome fighter, with muscles and tactical knowledge, and he’s a pretty smart dude, but could he seriously stand up against Tony Stark?  The dude has a power suit on for Christ’s sake.  And he’s a super genius.  AND an alcoholic to boot!  Iron Man’s got blasters, repulsers, magneto beams, super beams, hyper beams and jet boots.  Captain American has a shield.  And wings on his head.

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    Some Guy

    I think they were thinking they needed something to make Marvel comics semi-relevant again.


    Cap has always been total rubbish.

    So, who’s gone bad in this storyline for them to go up against each other… I’m assuming Stark, since he’s the one in red…


    Stark went “bad” by helping the US gvt enforce a law that was seen as a violation of superhero’s civil rights.
    Cap led the resistance, until he changed his mind, and then turned himself in to Stark.

    Stark, who obviously has gone crazy, doesn’t supply any security at Cap’s trial even though he’s now the head of SHIELD.

    Cap gets shot by some random person in a crowd, and dies.

    I’m not shitting you– this is the storyline. Really. It’s the most retarded thing ever.

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