Bush Was Right Music Video

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    That guy

    I sincerely hope this is some kind of joke, or else this is an all too sober show of stupidity from a bunch of uninformed kids who’d be a hell of a lot more useful working at their local Walmart. I’d like to think that i don’t have to go into detail about how false this nonesense is, as no person in their right mind could possibly agree that anything shown or expressed in this mindless song and poor quality video is anywhere near possible truth.


    I like the “America won’t turn and run, once the fighting has begun”, especially since we left our Iraqi supporters at the mercy of Saddam after the first Iraq war. Way to go for not running!




    This video is mad hip and it has a message I can relate to! I wish to quit my silly impeachment efforts and purchase a t-shirt/compact disc of these bomb dope homies.


    The schmucks that did this are true believers, which makes it doubly funny.



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