How many students died!? WIN A PS3!


what, you think there wouldn’t be anything about this? lawl!

[edit: A nice animated version!]


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    Are Names Important?

    You sick bastard.


    Way, way, way too early.

    tiki god

    Damn straight it’s too early, they don’t know how many people are dead yet 😉

    Bob the Builder

    So who wont be on Counter Strike as a VT Hokie??

    Or will you be the gunman???


    33…. do i win my ps3??!!

    How many headshots do you think the gunner got?? Guess this and win a free psp!!!


    It is never too early for these kinds of jokes….people out there should just face the facts and realize that death is a part of life no matter how unexpected it may be.

    Besides those students killed probably deserved it


    you’re pathetic.

    lady of the chemical

    lameness. No one deserves anything, Fullmetal.

    Really lame.


    Well, looks like you americans will be declaring war on China or Japan now or some retarded shit.


    Loved looking at the pics on your website…. after that comment, today will be the last. How bout you find yourself a heart, I am sure it is in there somewhere… totally inappropriate!


    Fullmetal– that’s easy to say in the abstract, especially for a misanthropist like me… and you too, I suspect. But when something like this happened at my college, it was actually pretty random– don’t give psychos too much credit… a lot of them just wanna kill some people, and kill themselves, and don’t have much agenda beyond that.


    You should have at least waited 24 hours. But lol… it IS funny


    OMG! I love the internet. I’m definitely going to hell for laughing at this.


    I don’t know why I took the time to make an animated version for you, but it’s 6am now and I really am not going to question it.

    Link to image

    I’m not gonna hotlink the image to the comments because I don’t want it to fuck up the layout.


    im all for jokes with bad taste…but this is just wrong..and not funny at all..


    The people at VT are arrogant, so as justin timberlake says.. “what goes around goes around goes around comes all the way back arounnd, yeahh.”


    I’ll let them know your sentiments at the funeral.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    The only comment in here that scared me is Caios. I’m thinking the US will be in Iran by next Tuesdayish.

    Hooray for Leo Strauss and his distraction politics.

    btw this is only too soon if you were directly affected by it. Otherwise you’re being offended by something you saw footage of on the news and that makes you not only a sheep but a slightly retarded sheep.


    (from “Student Emily Alderman said students were sending out instant messages urging each other to wear their Virginia Tech Hokie gear in a sign of unity.” – As someone living in Virginia who sees 30+ year old adults with VT stuff all over their car, it begs the question – how much more ‘VT Gear’ can they sport? *sigh*


    Yes, a little early. You have to wait 23 years before you make fun of someone’s death and it’s funny. Don’t you watch South Park? (Hey, if I had seen this a week from now, it would have made a giggle.) I mean seriously, Jesus died how long ago? That’s what makes the bible jokes hillarious.

    Fullmetal, the only thing I regret from this entire situation is that you weren’t in the school, dude. 8D

    Caio – Objection. Relevance, your honor.


    hey tiki, you are a sick bastard for even posting this. I hope you know that you are going to that place called hell, that place you don’t believe in.




    Kazzie – Early reports said the gunman was East Asian. It seems really American to me to, say, declare war on an entire country to eliminate the threat of a small group of people from that country.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    He was Korean.

    As a white male I feel slighted. The one thing we were the best at was being crazy asshole murderers. Now the damned minorities have stolen that from us too.

    You took our jobs!

    raptor jesus

    I lol’d at others’ misfortune.
    Everyone who did otherwise is made of CANCER and fail.


    LMAO ROFL , THATS HALLARIOUS one of teh best , very nice


    Korean you say? Good excuse for retaliation against N.Korea! Better than the iraqi WMD line anyway.


    Its quite simple. Offending people is sometimes funny.

    Like now. Its not making fun of Virginia Tech, its making fun of the internet trying to capitalize on anything for zeh dollars. And the only reason its funny is BECAUSE its so soon. If I saw this a month later, I probably wouldn’t of gotten it, because I forgot about it already.

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