Bill Clinton – I’m With Stupid

I miss the days when all we had to worry about was the president fucking some intern.

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    turd furgeson

    … and selling missile technology to the Chinese. That dude was a riot.


    im waiting for a democratic douche bag to get in office and get us pulled outta iraq, and then we get attacked by bin ladin cuz he has been diggin a tunnel for millions of seconds with his iraqi spoon and shit, so i laugh in the face of all those who voted for the next dipshit that gets in office


    Is there a special reason this d-bag is set to April 27th so that everything new gets put under it? Completely agree with TF and Colin, I’m 15 minutes away from DC, the first dirty bomb will wipe this town out, yet the libs around here still want us out. Funny. They’ll live though knowing our luck. Liberals, roaches and Twinkies.


    ha yes, of course roaches definatley liberals hell yea
    twinkies! no shit


    Cant you see you Commie liberals? Bush and the Republicans are keeping you alive! The very second a Democrat is elected, BAM! Your children will have their corneas burned off by a car bomb. The answer is simple, vote Republican, or perish!


    Damn you guys are brainwashed.


    colin, you make me wish the Apocolypse comes sooner.


    You Americans really are a mess…


    Psh, our country just has more character than yours.


    speeduvdark, you make me wish your death would come sooner, why would you want the demise of our nation to come sooner, jackassk, and yea gilroy where in the hell kinda country do u get a name like gilroy

    raptor jesus

    lol republicans.


    I find it an encouraging statement on the state of the nation that a boy of only twelve years of age could, thoroughly and completely, summarize the entirety of modern Republican though.