Map of The Star Wars Universe


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    I live over there! *point*


    You are here.


    I wish I lived in “wild space”.


    What are those thick red lines? And those red blotches? Honestly, they need a legend on this damn thing.


    I can’t believe someone took all the time to make this, but never realized that borders and “geography” don’t matter in space.


    Can any space map be 2D *and* accurate? I don’t think so.


    Thick red and thin black lines are mapped hyperspace routes. Red blotches are major nebulas, I think. Concentric regions around core worlds indicate basic levels of civilization and economic status, and how easy it is to travel via hyperspace. Core is easier to navigate than wild space, cutting travel time. Regional governments are also displayed. The Chiss are notably absent. Map was made for d6/d20 Star Wars RPGs. /geek


    Now that I look closer at red lines, they map routes between specific points of interest in the movies and canon fiction. They may be important Imperial Navy routes, as they do ring Correlia, where a major training center and spacedock exists. Also, Dantooine and Yavin are on the path, sites important to both ancient Jedi and Sith. DV’s old stomping grounds are present, as is Endor, Death Star construction site. Dathomir had lots of dark side force witches, who sometimes threatened the Emperor, so keeping them planet locked would have been an important task. I had never heard of… Read more »


    robster: so you know all this about this map… do you know your way around a vagoo as well? or do those confuse you like this f*king map did for me until i read your posts…


    Star Wars RPG is a hobby. Vag is a way of life.

    Does “in and toward the front mean” anything to you?

    It does to my wife. 🙂


    Star Wars book nerd, here. I don’t know why The Maw isn’t colored differently from the other assumed nebulas because The Maw is a cluster of 9 black holes, rather than a nebula, or so I recall from the Jedi Academy Trilogy.


    Navigational obstical? Gravity shadow in hyperspace?


    maybe i’m blind, but this particular map doesn’t show the Hapan Cluster?


    Wheres Mandalore?