Laptop Puppy


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    Puppy? That’s a cat . . .


    Tiki…yeah, there’s something wrong when u can’t differentiate a bitch from a pussy.


    “…differentiate a bitch from a pussy.”

    — isn’t that redundant?


    “isn’t that redundant?”


    Are Names Important?

    Apparently Tiki God is smashed again.


    “Apparently Tiki God is smashed again.”

    Definatly. but I find the title more amusing than the picture.




    Called a typo asswipe.

    mAgNUS buttfoorson

    That’s not a typo you cocksnot. What you went to hit the ‘i’ and accidentally hit the ‘a’ key on the other side of the keyboard? From there you made another “typo” and forgot the ‘e’?

    yhis is a typo.

    You are a retard.


    That’s a shivasana kitteh….


    meh, i dont see y people throw a fit about the spelling of a damn word. as long as everyone else knows what there talking about i can’t see why it should matter. Is it just because you have nothing better to do then find faults in other so u dont have to deal with your own? petty stuff. and yes i mis puncuated alot and misspelled alot. but its because i could care less.


    Saying that you “could” care less implies that you actually care about it. Saying that you “couldn’t” care less implies it has no significance to you. lolz.


    Imbecilic Cretins! To deny the proper usage of grammar and spelling is to deny the very cornerstone of civilization itself! All cultures were built upon communication, once the quality of language degrades to an indecipherable level all of society will crumble! Why risk causing such a degradation through such a simple thing as apathy? Pay attention to what you choose to type down, it is as important as what you choose to say!

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Mainiac is the dumb


    I’m glad to see the morons are out in force over a single image of a sleeping cat. Too bad the phrase wasn’t let sleeping pussy lie…


    LoL Magnus, get back to work over there.


    puppy?? thats a freaking cat!


    Thanks rachel. No one noticed until you pointed it out. Gold star for you.


    Well, cat/dog and typing crap aside, anyone that has a cat will probably rotfl over this because they have a tendency to want to be in the middle of whatever you’re doing, not to mention that laptops are usually pretty warm, which they like, too. My cat insists on walking on the paper when I’m reading it, trying to walk on the keyboard or attacking the mouse when I’m on the computer, and well… you get the point. I’ve been chatting with friends online many times and seen “aflkslkgf” with the follow-up of “lolcatz… sorry” or something like that. Makes… Read more »

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