Etrigan Loves Batman


from comic-images (which is still my own site and desperately needs more traffic and pictures, so here I am again, pimping it out to the MCS crowd.)

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    Max Kaehn

    Wasn’t that from the Alan Moore run on Swamp Thing?

    Sucka :P

    Didn’t I just see this here last month?


    …huh i actually own that issue but I never realized how…queer it was…maybe brucey looks freaked out because Ertigan isn’t a little boy??

    Marked Hoosier

    It’s hard out here for a pimp…


    Stop posting these pictures that promote homosexuality…

    Some Guy

    Please define “promote homosexuality”. I don’t see them as portraying homosexuality in a good or bad way. Are you sure the word your looking for isn’t “depict”?