Transformers Movie Still


Oh wow.  Beautiful, but it’s still going to suck.

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    Some Guy

    Am I the only person who thinks the character models are too gawdy and gets a headache just looking at them.

    tiki god

    Yeah, it’s like the difference between the Marvel series, and the Dreamwave series with the insane amount of details and little doodads that are attached to the robots. For fuck’s sake, make them simple!

    Benny Boy

    yall are fuckin stupid…they are ROBOTS..there just tryin to make then realistic. i think they did a pretty b.a. job with the detail.

    tiki god

    Benny Boy, what they SHOULD be shooting for is making them look even remotely like the original toys & artwork. Instead they’re going for some kind of unrealistic “future alien” robot look, which while cool in concept just sucks in reality. Perhaps if they tried to make it look like earth type robot then I’d buy it, but with all the gadgets and gidgets on there, they’re just looking cluttered. and b.a.? is that supposed to mean badly applied?


    Am I the only one that thinks Optimus prime looks like Gundam?


    Does the idea of making giant, English speaking, transforming robots realistic seem a little bit retarded to anyone else?

    Some Guy

    A realistic robot from another planet would have the decency to cover it’s shame.

    Seriously though while I can appreciate their attention to detail it physically hurts my eyes to have to distinguish what is happening in the pictures and trailers I have seen so far. Maybe it would work as a 3d tangible model but on the 2d screen its hard to see.


    Its only hard to distinguish because its not in motion. It would be easier to understand what’s what, when it’s on an actual movie screen.

    tiki god

    I disagree Kaze, it’s going to be much worse when there’s movement. Time will tell however, and I’m well prepared to eat my words 😉


    I loved transformers as a kid. I hate the idea of a realistic looking transformers. Make it back into a cartoon goddammit!

    o and ps tikigod, B.A. = Bad ass. but badly applied works here too.


    >Does the idea of making giant, English speaking, transforming robots realistic seem a little bit retarded to anyone else? Ever heard of the phrase “internal logic”? Basically, it means that a fictional system, while divorced from reality, has its own internal rules. If these rules are adhered to, then the audience can suspend its disbelief and become immersed in the story. If the rules are broken, then the suspension of disbelief fails and the audience is unable to feel emotional investment. If you’re watching a horror movei about vampires, you have to temporarily accept the idea that vampires can exist,… Read more »

    benny boy

    well…its a you are all gay. and yes…it does look like a gundam. (which would be a sweet movie to make)


    Too many doodads…looks like my laundry fighting my garbage.