Awesome CGI Optimus Prime


This is what prime should look like.  Duh.

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    Some Guy

    See, Now I know exactly what this optimus prime is doing. 🙂

    While visiting Tokyo about two years ago I was in akiabara (sp?, lightning town) one night just walking around. I was in one of the boutiques and I swear they had every transformer ever made in the 80s. They even had some that never made it to the U.S. There was this one massive space ship that I think had the name of one of the American toys. Anyway I thought it was cool.


    it doesnt look CGI, i lookz like someone photoshopped in a toy


    That’s actually not CGI or a photoshopped. That’s an actual statue of Optimus Prime in Korea.


    I don’t think that’s a shop at all – I think it’s 100% real. Looks like some kind of public-artwork / 3D billboard, advertising the shopping centre in the background. I’m guessing it’s the Japanese equivalent of the “world’s biggest…” roadside attractions you get all over the US. Think of it as a robotic Paul Bunyan. 🙂

    whats it to you?

    i love how theres 2 crackers in asia or somoething. That would have people turning heads 😛


    Wow, wish I had one of those in my back yard. 🙂