Bad ass military dude (wtf is that on the desk?)


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    You gotta love that shirt.

    Some Guy

    Pretty harsh disclaimer there Tiki,

    I’m not sure what is on his desk other than an APC pc back unit.

    However I don’t think this guy is a bad ass military dude. He looks more like a “survivalist” who is just trying to protect his John Wayne Commerative Franklyn Mint plate.

    You know… while the plates have been known to appreciate in value like all investments there are risks involved. 🙂 (Couldn’t help myself, I used to love those commercials.)


    tele-dildonics ftw


    Hey look, it’s Internet Tough Guy!


    He’s quite possibly one of the people few people talk about in Iraq, the corporate mercenaries that work for companies like Blackwater.

    Not that you can’t get the stuff on the outside market, but that’s a pretty top-notch weapon with the stuff he’s got on it.


    Nah, I think Some guy’s right. He looks like he’s in his basement, his wife is upstairs helping the kids with homework. Did anybody try to blow up that poster to see what it says?


    Geez, its not that Impressive. Or at least it’s not to me, because I have an M4 SR-16A Carbine, and live in Texas. =3


    If he was really serious, his dildo would be camo.


    This guy is no corporate merc. He’s fatter and more out of shape than the normal merc. Also, he has no tan whatsoever and there isn’t goddamn dust all over the place. He’s probably in his own basement in Anytown, USA.


    It’s a dickhead from fark, I’ll try to find the thread he posted this picture of himself in…

    Tyler Durden

    The cartoon heard ’round the world. The media refused to show that pic because “they didn’t want to offend Muslims” but let’s be totally honest. When the fuck has the media ever cared about anyone’s feelings if it was going to get them ratings? They show Rangers being dragged through the streets of Somalia, terrorist footage of attacking U.S. soldiers with ambushes and IED’s, and a slew of other shit but what it comes down to is they’re a bunch of pussies afraid of admitting they’ve been beaten by terrorism.


    Reminds me of that guy in The Big Lebowski.


    , re: Texas

    yup. TX’ll do that to ya. Damn I love this place.


    They didn’t show the image because no one speaks Danish and they didn’t want to show it untranslated because middle America fucking freaks out like shit-throwing-monkeys when they hear a foreign language.

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