Sexy Battlestar Galactica Lawyer


Just caught the latest BSG Episode, spoilers in comments {OMG SHIT FUCK WTF WAS THAT}

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    tiki god

    Wow, so, um, not dead? also, um, well….what the fuck, Hendrix?

    Dude, don’t do the brown acid, it’s bad.


    An envelope of legend points to someone who gets me a download of that song played at the end. I know it’s a cover of all along the watchtower, but not a single source can i find.


    check amazon in a few months. BSG season soundtracks are released at the same time as the full season DVD. Or rapidsearch. Otherwise, its originally a Bob Dylan song. Maybe it goes back to the cyclical history theme. Some eternal observer likes blues based rock? Regardless, awesome cover. Starbuck? Ghost? Vision? Real? Let that roll around for nine months. At least it ends in one more season and doesn’t drag on forever until we get sick of it. Saul a cylon? WTF? He’s older than most cylon models! Fought in the first war against the clunky centurions! Certainly older than… Read more »


    robster is right that it will be coming out on the soundtrack. Download the Hendrix cover until then.

    I liked the lawyer guy, but I am always suspicious when such a powerful character arrived without warning.

    And about the 4 new cylon models (assuming they are, which is not 100%), well, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the 5 models are on Earth already or something bizarre.


    Of COURSE Kara’s not dead– when she killed herself, there was a Cylon ship nearby, and she uploaded.

    Yeah. She’s a Cylon.


    Holy Frak. I didn’t think about that, Anonymouse. Explains why she knew about the eye all along, also why she went after the arrow. She also was the only character that wasn’t around for the song. But uploading to a resurrection ship? I have no idea. The five would need secrecy to stay separate from the seven. Maybe a separate ship? Cloaked? Separate part of the ship?


    Here is the composer’s notes for the song, with links to the composer’s brother’s band, who was the vocalist. It will be on Season 3’s soundtrack. Beyond that, I’m still looking for an mp3. Nothing officially leaked, but its only a matter of time for an audio capture to come out.


    going back a to possible the first season. The model that Athena is based off of was a real person, had parents, a dog, etc, but went missing and came back cylon. Its really not suprizing if saul is one because of all the times they’ve captured him. Funny thing is that the 4 people kept tossing out lines from the song. Right now I’m leaning to the people of light saving her ass at the last second. They hinted that Baltar was the 5th but I’m kind of doubting that simply because they’ve been hinting at since Baltar created… Read more »


    depray: That is not cannon that Boomer/Athena was a real person who was replaced.

    “She has been implanted with false memories of being raised on Troy by her parents Katherine and Abraham Valerii, who supposedly died in an accident that killed all the members on the mining colony (whether or not Katherine and Abraham actually existed is questionable).” –


    I only think Starbuck’s a Cylon because of her relationship with Anders, a Cylon. Think about it…Starbuck is gone, and Anders hooks up with Tori, a Cylon. Tyrol, now a Cylon, initially hooked up with Sharon, a Cylon. It seems that they “know” each other even if they don’t know themselves. That doesn’t explain Saul, unless Ellen is a Cylon, but that slots open for Starbuck. Still, her animosity to Saul makes me wonder, so really my money’s on Ellen. And keep in mind that Starbuck was going after what she thought was a Cylon when she went into that… Read more »