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Original Wanksta

GodDAMN! Such a hot bod, but such a fugly face!


Oh she’s hot, even in the face, the prob is that she likes to make funny faces in all her pics which don’t make her “hotter” but do make her “cuter”.


She’s quirky-hot.

Sucka :P

Why do she pose the same in all the pictures??


Cat looks like the type of girl you would take home to meet mom. In my opinion, Effie has more of a horse face that a butter face. She definitely has a nice rack, but I could NEVER get around the face thing! I checked out her artwork. Is it me, or are all her characters a hotter version of herself? I like her style, but her work is rather freshman/shallow and lacks depth and emotion. Her fascination with her “self” leads me to believe she is rather self-centered. Reminds me of my little sis who runs around photographing herself… Read more »


The fact that you saw many pictures of me in my gallery was due to a self-portrait project for class. The others are just coincidence. Honestly, I don’t see it, so it must be a subconcious thing. Most artists go through a self-portrait phase, so I suppose you could say for a time, we’re all a bit “self-centered.”

As for the depth/emotion bit, I appreciate comments like that. A harsh critique is a critique nonetheless.