Atomic Bomb


This is for the Boston PD.

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    turd furgeson

    nice. i just wish someone would get blown up by something innocent-looking in Boston so the smug-coated smugists with smug filling could run around bleating that the Boston PD didn’t take very good precautions in checking stuff out.

    Suck it

    Yeah, then you could use EXACTLY this defense in court. Then go to jail. For a long time.

    “A man accused of conspiring to bomb London’s public transport system told a court yesterday that he deliberately made fake devices that were not meant to explode but would spread fear and panic in protest against the invasion of Iraq.”–+World+News


    oh, it gets better.
    he is now claiming that the fake device went off accidentally and he never intended to set it off anyway.

    His actual words were “yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but don’t listen to him ‘cos I never even never not done it, cos, right, what happened was…”

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