Anorexia Perceptions


I like the girl in the mirror better then the one in front of it.  Her knees are too sharp.

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    Thats from a video thingy i saw somewhere


    I’d make love to the girl in the mirror WAAAAAAAYYYYYY before the girl in front of it… having an anorexic body (not only is it ugly) but that belies no self-confidence, and that’s the worst part of all 🙁


    There’s not a thing wrong with the girl in the mirror.


    the only problem i see is that she has underwear on.


    Also, I was unaware that Nicole Richie was doing PSA’s. Eating disorders.. the ones that need them don’t have them, and the ones that have them dont need them.


    How about being billed as the ‘fat’ model for an advertisement.

    ‘Ok, we need you at a shoot where you will be the fat girl in the mirror’

    Now who has the eating disorder??


    hmm, elbows are pointy… her knees aren’t showing.

    I girl in the mirror could lose a pound or two, but the anorexic chickie should gain about 15.


    ok, but seriously guys, would you really take the larger girl on a date, or would you take the small, skinny one that conforms to the size 000 xs jeans that girls today are “supposed” to be able to fit in?

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Probably the skinny one since she’d eat less and I’m a cheap fucker.


    yeah, but could you put up with her? she wouldn’t eat, but could you have the stamina to go out with someone who didn’t love herself?

    Luke Magnifico

    There’s no point in taking the skinny girl out on a date.

    Because what little meat you get when you kill her and eat her will shrivel up in the pan to little more than a light snack.

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