Star Trek MMO : Starbase


I pee my pants a little bit everytime I hear new news about the Star Trek MMO.  It has so much potential, and yet so did Enterprise.

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    What was the Star Wars MMORPG like? The Star Trek one seems kind of limiting since all players have to be Starfleet officers.

    Some Guy

    The Star Wars MMORPG never caught on. The original build never caught on to the masses but when they tired to make it more appealing (you were han solos co-pilot at like level 2) traditional mmorg players (the ones who like to do mundane things repetitively) got mad so the population of the servers went down even more. Last I heard there is a good chance that Sony may lose the license and the game will be redeveloped by someone else (bioware?) in the coming years. Star Trek will do well because the Starfleet ideology is based on being self… Read more »


    Screw the Starfleet. I want to play Romulan.


    I still don’t know why they never made a Star Trek RTS with a Homeworld-like interface. That would have been so much more fun than the line of crappy ones they turned out.


    i cant agree with that some guy, galaxies, despite its many flaws (b4 the new game experience was forced on us) was one of the best MMO’s, the server i was on amongst others always had a heavy population