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    Is it possible that’s a USB mouse? That’s where my USB ports are…

    just sayin.

    tiki god

    I’m thinking that no matter WHERE the ports are, they would have to be plugged in. Unless it’s a wireless mouse, but then it wouldn’t have a cable, right?


    Follow The Cable From The Mouse, Do You See It Plugged In?


    Looks like it may be plugged in on the side to his left. The fact that its lifted off the table (look at the reflection) leads me to believe he isn’t the total ass that the submitter believes him to be.


    Nay, the picture doth have more size to it than Firefox would hath me believe… *shame*


    Isn’t that the same cord coming back around to the left side of the laptop? Looks like it’s going straight in to the side near that fan intake.


    oops.. just made the same realization that Rage made… yeah, he’s an ass.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Rage, Steve, y’all flunked that kindergarten, trace the maze course, didn’t you?


    looks like mr. feltersnatch is right i have done this multiple times and guess what????? the mouse is connected to the cord that is not connected

    Sucka :P

    Theu hadn’t seen the whole picture… same with the USB guy; if the picture is cut off just a little you can see the red circle where it isnt plugged in but not the end of the wire >.>

    tiki god

    I’ve resized it for those of you viewing the site on 14 inch monitors with the resolution set to 800×600. I made the post from my home computer which has a massive throbbing 21 inch monitor.


    It’s not how big your monitor is, but how much porn you watch with it.