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I’d like to thank CNN, NYT, and for fucking comic book fans over EVERYWHERE by spoiling the end of one of the largest stories to ever come out of marvel’s bullpen.  Wired really gets a giant middle finger, cause this isn’t the first time they’ve fucked their loyal readers over.  This last week they spoiled the most recent episode of battlestar galactice in their RSS Feed title.  I mean seriously, how incompetent can you get?  Meh, I’ll just never go back to their site, and unsubscribe from their RSS feed.  I’d suggest you do the same.

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    dude, calm down. it’s an effin’ comic book. who cares who dies..


    “…F#ck yeah! Coming again to save the mother-f#cking day!”


    I liked Joss Whedon’s idea for ending Civil Wars. Cap and Iron Man would be duking it out, and Iron Man’s suit would lose power, and Cap would keep wailing on him. Eventually, Cap would realize that he is exactly what Iron Man feared… a super-powered person beating up a regular guy. Then he stops, and that’s that.


    I liked the “Tony Stark is really a Skrull” ending…

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