Naked in New York


By Jordan Matter Via Bits & Pieces

And one more behind the cut..and I definitely agree with her statement: (NSFW site and below)



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    Men in Europe aren’t obsessed with breasts?

    Are you nuts?

    They’re 1000 times more obsessed and vocal about it than Americans.

    Have you been to Italy?


    They’re also obsessed with alcohol, but they have a healthier relationship with it than Americans. A little less hypocrisy goes a long way.


    There is a difference between obsession and enthusiasm. Repression of something leads to obsession, celebration of something leads to enthusiasm. Which do you think is more healthy?

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Yes, excellent idea. Please feel free to expose me to more breasts.


    “They’re also obsessed with alcohol, but they have a healthier relationship with it than Americans.”

    England has a binge drinking problem. If by healthy relationship you mean they don’t judge each other for it then yes. Though they do beat the shit out of each other when they’re drunk. Fact: London has a higher crime rate than NYC, LA, and Chicago combined.
    I think the drinking has a lot to do with that.

    Bottom line, men wouldn’t care so much about tits if women had anything else to offer.

    That felt great to type. Like a pair of boobs.


    Magnus – Woah there buddy, you’re getting England confused with Europe. I’ve been living in Germany since 2003 and England is vastly different than the rest of Europe. The Brits are just as pompous, ignorant and repressed as their American compatriots (if not more so).

    Case in point; the Germans (and Poles, and Italians, etc.) all drink like fishes, but you will hardly ever see them fighting. Russians, Turks, Brits, and Americans are the usually troublemakers (at least from what I’ve seen).


    she -does- need to lose some inches on the waist.

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