Lord Of The Rings: Frodo Vs Shelob Wallpaper


So after playing the beta for LotR Online for a while, I’m underwhelmed thus far.  Perhaps there will be more exciting things later on.  Maybe.

by John Howe

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    Wouldnt that be Sam, not Frodo? And yeah, LOTRO is an OK game, but nothing exciting.


    yeah, it’s Gamgee for sure. Frodo is wrapped up in web on the ground between them. i think this is the part where Sam gouges out some eyeballs with Sting…

    LOTR was actually my favorite Book (and don’t call it a trilogy, cuz it’s not) until i read the Dune Series. Now that i have finished it, i feel all empty because there is nothing new to read on Dune until Paul of Dune comes out.


    A song of fire and ice. Go.

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