Ben Browder And Claudia Black


Lemme admit here, that when Ben Bowder and Claudia Black came onto Stargate: SG1, I wasn’t too happy with the situation, and I didn’t really like them as actors. Then I watched Farscape, and gained a huge respect for their talents, so I’m going to assume that it’s simply the chemistry that hasn’t gelled yet on SG1. Sadly, I don’t think they’re going to get the time to get comfortable on the new set.

SG1 was one of those good “bad” TV series, much like Atlantis or any other SciFi produced series. It was / is terribly good. (Unlike BSG, which is just GREAT)

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    Sorry, but it’s Ben BROWDER…not Bowder.



    She’s gonna be on the next episode of “The Dresden Files”… Sunday night’s before Battlestar Gallatica 🙂


    I think SG1 is one of those ok shows–Farscape really gave them the opportunity to act from comedy to tragedy and everything in between.

    And that’s such a pretty, pretty wallpaper 🙂


    Farscape is the *best* science fiction series ever. Firefly came close but got cut off in it’s prime.