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Howie Feltersnatch

Funny! But tell me, is there something wrong with Kimmel? He looks like he’s got a touch of the Downs. The fact that that douche is dipping into Sarah Silverman is proof there is no god.


I really never got this shirt ( www.goats.com/store/sulu.html ) until now. Impossibly classic.


Ahaha. Thats hilarious.

I never knew Sulu was gay, though, he always seemed so masculine.


Caio, not all gay men are effeminate queens… I’m the same as any other guy, except I just don’t find girls… arousing. It’s really that simple.

I wouldn’t no fashion if it came up and kicked me in the face, I can’t cook and I don’t care what the latest gossip is in Tinseltown. All in all, I’m just a regular guy. So please, don’t be surprised if you see some gay guys being masculine. That’s the way guys are supposed to be!