Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier


I’ve never seen this is action before, but damn, it’s cool looking.

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    Are Names Important?

    “Coming up next on Technological Porn, Aerospace Industry Gone Wild!”


    looks like a load of bs to me =/


    It´s no BS. The Space Shuttle is launched from Cape Cañaveral in Florida and lands in Edwards Air Force Base in California, so they got to take the whole thing back in order to launch it again.


    True. It is only a glider when in the atmosphere. They also rig it up this way for test glides where they take it up as high as the jet can and release it.

    Dr. Sanchez

    Get a Hanger!


    I don’t know if this is transportation between sites or launch, but it’s real; I’ve been seeing photos of the shuttle piggybacking on a 747 for decades.


    The shuttle even looks like it’s wearing ‘protection’…

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I’m guessing Inn0x is too young to remember the ’70s, when that’s pretty much all the shuttle (Enterprise) did is roam around the country on the back of an airplane and test its glide.

    milk ninja

    I’d like to see pics of the thing being loaded on the 747. It’d be interesting, like a self assembling crane.