Truth Pamphlet


I got this from the internet a while back, and I can’t remember where it came from, nor can I find a logo/url on the image.  Anyone know where it came from?

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    *laughs* It makes me want to take it to kinko’s, print it off, and hand it out in front of a church in a peacable manner, just so the churchgoers would intercede, and tell me I’m out of place, and get the cops to forcibly remove me for having an opinion.


    Also, toward the center under the purple box just left of the image on the right, it says “Copywrite Jason Curry 2005”

    Which leads you to:


    A search on some key sentences yielded an HTML document with the same text:

    It’s attributed to Jason Curry, of the Humanist Society of New Zealand.


    So when did it become ‘cool’ to be anti-Religion? I know it became ‘cool’ to be liberal a few years ago. Fools.


    WoW that is ridiculously awesome! I’m going find ways of spreading this around.

    tiki god

    Dan just like it’s cool not to be an idiot, right? lolz


    We are all atheists. I just believe in one less god than you do. When you truly realize why you don’t believe in other gods you will understand why I do not believe in yours.

    This quote is not mine but it speaks volumes.

    ps. Great site Tiki God. I visit every day.


    That leaflet is absolutely brilliant. It’s come at a grea time, too – I’ve been trying to voice those exact opinions in the last few weeks, but I never did it so aptly as Mr Curry has there. I think I’ll be quoting this one for a while…

    Robert Herrick

    This pamphlet in a PDF format can also be found here:


    Yeah Dan, all them “liberals” are just doing it cause its cool. /sarcasm


    “So when did it become ‘cool’ to be anti-Religion? I know it became ‘cool’ to be liberal a few years ago. Fools.”
    Couldn’t agree with you more Dan. I see so many people my age at college and even in high school now simply denying God to rebel against parents or “be unique.” It’s ok, it aggrevates me but it’s not I who’ll have to deal with the repercussions.


    Oh My Science! I finally see the light! or is it non light??????


    “So when did it become ‘cool’ to be anti-Religion? I know it became ‘cool’ to be liberal a few years ago. Fools.”

    I am an atheist, I am also pretty conservative about most things and I tend to vote indipendant. I think if you took a real good look at atheists you might find that most of us are not liberals and are not atheists because it’s “cool,” when 90% of the world population would as soon spit on you as say hello you are not “cool” by any definition of the word.


    I found this pamphlet amusing, being an Atheist myself. But why even bother with the argument here? You believe, and we don’t get over it, until you do it is just gonna be the same old argument, cause people never look beyond the theist and atheist.

    Just because more people are beginning to believe, doesn’t mean their intentions for doing so are corrupt or misplaced, they just believe in something different than you, just like a Buddhist, or a Muslim.


    InsanE: I don’t think atheism should be described as a belief… after all, isn’t blind faith what we all think is so stupid in the first place?

    i’m a scientist so i only believe evidence and i’ve never seen any evidence for god. but then again, is there any evidence which disproves god (no matter how ludicrous it sounds)?


    This is the main problem I have with modern atheism. If I disagree with someone I’ve never met and will never talk to and who will have no real direct effect on my life, do I really need to call them stupid? Is that what you need to feel good about yourself?


    I say this as a life-long atheist by the by. A very indifferent atheist who never thinks about religion except when it’s brought up in threads like this.

    Jason Curry

    Hi there. I am the author of the above pamphlet – a friend sent me a link to this discussion. Great to see it’s getting people talking. Motor need not worry about disproving god. It is a common play for the theist to cross their arms and say “Go on then, prove to me that God doesn’t exist”. This is of course impossible, as it would require perfect knowledge of all existence to categorically state that God does not exist anywhere in any form. Isn’t it lucky then that we don’t actually have to do this… While it is true… Read more »

    The Hashishin

    well said, mr. curry.


    Xcanadian: I think that quote was penned by Stephen Robert(s).


    Eh. As comprehensive and well-written as it is, there are a number of broad generalizations that don’t really address the ‘meat’ of the issue. As an atheist, I’m happy that one of the things we usually bring to the table is the truth instead of misconstrued stories and half-truths. A lot of general faults are attributed to just a few denominations of Christianity (speaking in tongues) or just one big one (the Catholic Church, which, while large, isn’t the whole of Christianity). The remarks about selling ones clothes to buy a sword were made when Jesus was getting ready to… Read more »


    Lot of quotes in the leaflet from someone who didn’t pay attention to common sense when he was being taught religion. Even the Catholic church has officially stopped teaching about hell.

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